Are you attending RSA Europe 2007 ?

RSA Promo Image If you are attending RSA Europe 2007, please consider attending my presentation which is at 1:00 PM on Monday (which is the first day of the conference). The presentation is a part of the Professional Development track (PROF-103) and is titled:

Basics of the Quick Business Case:

How to Champion Your Next Information Security Initiative

The primary goal of the presentation is to help technologists, like myself, become better at influencing change and championing innovation in their organizations. That said, I also hope there is a lot of valuable information for executives, managers, and line of business stakeholders who can use these concepts to coach and prepare the individuals who are presenting innovative ideas to (or for) them. It is truly my hope that there is ‘something for everyone’ in this presentation.

Here are more details from the conference site…

Session Abstract:   This session will focus on creating and presenting Quick Business Cases: brief, six-part presentations documenting particular opportunity for innovation and seeking organisational buy-in and support. The entire enterprise benefits from better communication about innovation, and this presentation’s goal is to better enable every participant’s abilities to champion it.

Detailed Description Attendees will be presented with a set of ideas and tools focused around making them better Champions of innovation in their organizations. The presentation will begin by discussing why it is difficult to influence change and innovation, including a discussion of some of the specific problems Information Security and Risk Management professionals face. The presentation will then focus on how to construct a Quick Business Case, and how to use the Quick Business Case as a tool not just for communication but also to validate and refine the business case itself. The Quick Business Case itself is a six-part presentation that can be used as a tool to both overcome the “blank page” problem and quickly start documenting the innovation as well as structure the presentation to overcome common business communications challenges. In addition to the preparation of the document itself, we will also discuss strategies for using the Quick Business Case to develop a communications plan to validate your current ideas, learn more, and build consensus for the business case. The Quick Business Case is not intended to replace a full Business Case or Business Plan, but is a tool to document an opportunity and determine organizational interest. Of course for some initiatives or organizations, the Quick Business Case may prove sufficient for a final decision. A key goal of the presentation will be to make these techniques accessible to small teams, not requiring large budgets.

Cheers, Erik