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RSA Has Posted Podcasts From The Conferenceā€¦

While I was in London, the folks who run the RSA Conference did a quick interview with me on the Quick Business Case and Information Security in general.

Here is a link to the RSA Europe 2007 podcasts…

There are 16 conference participants with whom RSA did podcasts.

Check them out…


Art of Info Sec 001: Quick Business Case

Art of Info Sec 001: Quick Business Case

Here it is !

This is the first podcast in the series I have planned. This is a slidecast of the Quick Business Case presentation which I recently delivered at RSA Europe (and similar to the presentation I delivered at RSA USA back in February).

As this is my first foray into this media – combining audio podcasting with presentation slides – please accept a few production glitches and provide feedback.


Erik Heidt

Someone Was Taking Notesā€¦

First, my apologies that the Quick Business Case Slidecast hasn’t been completed and posted yet. As soon as I get rid of my cold, I will be recording and posting it. I hope that will be within a few days.

It appears that someone was taking notes at my presentation on Oct 22nd. My presentation was featured in the RSA Conference Daily (article link) summary.

Cheers, Erik