Congratulations Rebecca !

Rebecca Harold (aka The Privacy Professor) has just been recognized by a Computer World survey as one of the “Top Privacy Advisors in 2008 (link to article)“. Congratulations Rebecca !

I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca on a paper earlier this year. Rebecca and I were among the collaborators on a  paper focused on generating organizational support for Information Security Awareness efforts (link to paper) for ENISA (The European Network and Information Security Agency). The effort greatly benifited from her participation. And after collaborating with her is it clear to me why should would have been nominated for and received the high marks she did in the Computer World survey.

Rebecca is also the author of Managing an Information Security and Privacy Awareness and Training Program. I purchased a copy of this book while working on the ENISA paper, and wow is it a detailed guide to managing these programs. Rebecca has included information from the high-level “concepts” down to detailed sample checklists and plans.

Congratulations again !

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Cheers, Erik

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