AoIS upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10 Complete !

My apologies for the slight outage of Art of Information Security last night, I had an almost flawless transition from the older version of Linux to Ubuntu 8.10.

The Beauty of Virtualization
AoIS is hosted by Linode, which is a Linux virtual host service provider. The beauty of this was the fact that I could:

  • Spin up a new host in 10 min
  • Configure and test the box, without interrupting the “hot” server
  • Move the configuration, data, sites, etc.
  • Test, test, test
  • Transition the IP addresses

All of the advantages of having a clean freshly build physical server, but with a pro-rated cost of under $5 !

FYI… As this is a security blog, you can image that I am somewhat obsessed with OS system protection, more on that soon…

Cheers, Erik