The Internet Never Forgets — your mistakes !

My apologies for this “phantom” posting… “Pro Dev: Who are We? What is Our Role?”

While editing that posting, I published it way prematurely. (Can you say miss-click?)  Now, I corrected this within minutes, but due the magic of Google and Feedburner that fragment was whisked onto the net (and perhaps will live forever… 😦 )

Now, you would think that you could just delete the post, and all would be well – Wrong !

So, that fragment (which was on-line for less than 3 min), was cached into the google reader and other blog aggregators, and has (embarrassingly) set a record for views in the first 24 hours. 

The good news is that it looks the like Professional Development series I have planned for AoIS is going to be a hit ! The bad news is I need to find a WordPress plugin that asks for a “are you sure” idiot confirmation on the publish button…

BTW, It appears that 2009 will be the year of the series on AoIS. Currently in the pipeline are:

  • The Secure Your Linux Host Series
  • Professional Development Series
  • Cryptographic Controls Series 
  • Interviews with Infomation Security, Risk Management, and Privacy Luminaries !

I hope to have at least one installment for all of these series posted by the end of January.

Again, my appologies for the draft fragment – the actual posting (Part 1 in the Professional Development series) is being proofed and should be up in a few days.

Cheers, Erik