Are You in Central Ohio Wednesday January 21st, 2009 ?

A colleague and I are co-presenting at the Central Ohio ISSA chapter on Wednesday morning…

Information Security Awareness Raising – A Example to Critique and Discussion

The aim of this presentation is to provide ISSA attendees with fresh ideas, for increasing the awareness of Information Security issues with their internal customers and partners. The presentation will have two parts. In the first part Justin and Erik will present a Information Security Awareness Presentation which is targeted at an audience of business and IT partners. 

During the second part of the presentation, preliminary information regarding the vital role of Information Security Awareness Raising will be discussed. After this initial introduction, everyone will be asked to participate in a dialog discussing if the materials were or were not effective Awareness Raising materials and to share their experiences and insights.

If you read this post, and then attended the presentation – please let me know. (This will be my tip off that highly un-likely events are occurring in my world, and that I should purchase a lottery ticket… 😉 )

Cheers, Erik

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