Optimize Your RSA, Part 2 – Session Tips…

There is a TON of stuff to do at RSA if you are going, and managing all of that can be quite difficult. One of the things that I find difficult to do every year is select the sessions that I am going to. There are a few tools that the conference provides to make this easier.

Let’s take a look at the Session Catalog.

See Who’s Speaking

I have my own personal list of folks who always have great presentations and really pack a lot of punch for me. But, the attendance at the conference is so diverse that my list would certainly not work for everyone. The conference itself measures and metrics speaker performance. You know those forms they hand you as you walk into the session? Turns out that they use that data, and they even share it with you. When using the Session Catalog and the printed materials, you may notice a star next to some of the names. These are the folks who have had the strongest feedback during past conferences.

If this is your first RSA, it may be worth your while to ask folks who have attended in the past and who have similar interests, which speakers stood out to them. If you are a member of the RSA Conference group on Linked In (link), you could even post a question about “Best Session for X”. (Which I have done…)

Preview The Slides

RSA has always made the slides available in advance. Usually this was on media (CD/USB) handed out at the conference. (So, “in advance” was day-before…) But now they are available for most sessions right in the Session Catalog. (Note, you need to be logged in to the site before you visit the page to see these.)

Post Session…

There is a lot of time and energy that goes into being a speaker. Please, help your speaker and the conference, and complete the evaluation forms. And, if a session clicks for you – don’t be shy – meet the speaker. Most of the speakers are presenting because they are committed to the mission and the profession. Participation and feedback are the biggest rewards any speaker can ask for from the audience – don’t hold back.

Hope this is helpful – see you in SFO.

Cheers, Erik